Podcast: Light Hustler
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Podcast: Light Hustler


"Coming Out About Your Addiction with Lawyer Lisa Smith"
Light Hustler with Anna David

It’s one thing to be open about your addiction when you’re a writer in LA—aka a person most people assume WOULD be an addict.

It’s quite another when you’re a high-powered attorney.

But Lisa F. Smith is a trail blazer. The author of the hit book Girl Walks Out of a Bar is also probably my favorite person I’ve never met. (Side note: I’ve slept in her bed despite not having met her; it’s not as sexy as it sounds but that’s something we get into in the interview.)

What’s fascinating about Lisa’s story is that she was so high functioning that the day she got sober was just like any other day where she was headed to work—although instead of going to work, she went to detox.

In this episode, we discuss her fear around coming out, the way addiction can start with food and how she feels when men in AA are called sexual harassers, among many other topics.

(BTW, Lisa is featured in my Guide to Becoming a Light Hustler, where I profiled the people I know who have taken their darkest experiences to share their light and in some cases built careers off of it. If you want to be one of them, be sure to get the free guide here: www.annadavidcoaching.com.)




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Podcast: Don't Freak Out with Allison Micco
4:00 PM16:00

Podcast: Don't Freak Out with Allison Micco


Don't Freak Out with Allison Micco

Here’s my favorite gems from this week’s episode [Allison Micco] :

  • Lisa’s journey from addiction to recovery
  • How to stay sober despite work hard/play hard culture
  • How writing helped her heal from addiction
  • There’s more sober people than you realize (you’re not alone!)
  • How sobriety helps you to show up as the best and most empowered version of yourself
  • How to shift your focus to enjoying events rather than looking forward to drinking
  • Your real friends will support and nurture your recovery
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